FAQ: Rumah Mesra Rakyat


You can get the form via the SPNB website, or any SPNB branch office.

Please contact SPNB at 03-7849200 (Rumah Mesra Rakyat Department).

According to the procedure, initial feedback will be given within three (3) months. However, approvals are awarded depending on the yearly allocated budget. In terms of construction, the estimated time is around (18) months from the empty lot handover / agreement date, and is subject to terms & conditions.
No. All land owners / landlords must be living, and must all be agreeable, without any issues regarding the registration of lease / mortgage.
Yes, as long as all the owners (still alive) are agreeable and provides permission.
An application could be rejected based on one or more of these issues: 1. Income per household exceeds the qualifying limit 2. Already own a liveable house 3. Proposed location is not suitable 4. Problems/roadblocks regarding title grant
The applicant is responsible in preparing the site, and connection of water & electricity. SPNB will only build the house.
Yes. SPNB will build the house according to the approved specifications, and any renovation that does not affect the structure of the house can be submitted to SPNB for consideration. Responsibility of renovations carried out without SPNB’s knowledge will fall on the applicant.
Applicants will need to open an account, and make payments through any BSN, Post Office, JOMPAY, BSN agents and BSN’s CDM machines. Payments can also be made at any SPNB branches.
If the deceased was already insured, then the loan will be fully covered by the insurance company. However, if they have no coverage, then the second named person / next of kin will have to take over the monthly payments.