YB Haji Akmal Nasrullah's visit to Aspire Residence

YB Haji Akmal Nasrullah bin Mohd Nasir, Deputy Minister of Local Government Development (KPKT) today conducted a field trip to see for himself the latest status of the Aspire Residence residential development project, in Cyberjaya.

With construction having restarted in May 2022 by the salvage contractor, SPNB is confident that the project which has reached more than 90% progress will be able to be implemented within the stipulated time frame to ensure the welfare of all existing buyers of this residence is preserved.

SPNB is always aware and committed to empowering the housing agenda as well as the well-being of all citizens as per the seven main focuses that have been outlined by KPKT and one of them is more comprehensive and competitive housing planning.

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