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SPNB is about creating values to home buyers and home owners. Our brand identity signifies the company’s purpose for existence - to help build the most precious possession in one’s life, which is a home.
Sharing the same brand attributes, SPNB logo takes the shape of a point cut diamond. It sends the message that a promise is being made by the company to offer a possession of great value to Malaysian families looking for affordable homes.
Diamonds symbolize light, shine, life, value, treasure, strength, commitment and resilience consistent with SPNB’s product attributes, SPNB relates to all of these qualities.
History had it that point cuts are the first foray into diamond cutting. Analogously, SPNB was the first company making a foray into affordable housing since 1997.

Brand Attributes

SPNB creates long-term values for Malaysian families and in doing so we continue to be relevant and resilient in projecting our brand into the future.

Brand Essence

Diamonds are often associated with cherished moments, bonds and commitment. Strong and unbreakable, they represent timeless emotions.
Similarly, SPNB’s brand promise as outlined in our tagline Your Home, Our Responsibility encapsulates our commitment to create these moments by delivering a possession of great value, a belonging that is treasured and can be passed down through generations - affordable homes.
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